GODS SUMMIT II at Aspinwall House, Kochi Muziris Biennale.

"Gods summit is a sculptural multimedia work that takes us to an imaginary congregation of gods, playing on the numerous forms and tongues in which they have been imagined in civilizational history. Working with the implicit idea that these gods present different philosophical positions, and with it varied interests, politics, and lives, a cacophony of light-hearted and grave voices emerge- agreeing , disagreeing and sharing. The coexistence of indigenous gods and tradition with Christianity in Nagaland- where Christianity uniquely articulates it?s ideas through the indigenous ? speaks to the multifariousness of Hinduism with it?s many gods and local deities that dominant fundamental groups find in their interest to codify and confine to singularity for Hindu nationalism in India, which not only marginalizes other faiths but also several of its own ideas. The conflicting voices in Gods summit also resonate with the current political and social context globally, where steeped in dogma and alienation, we are not able to listen to each other." - Kochi Muziris Biennale.






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